Welcome to the 4th Annual FCA Golf Marathon

100 holes for High School souls!

Friday 3/30/ 2018 , 7:00am, The Groves Golf Club, Land O' Lakes

Marathoner or supporter?

Yes I'll play!

I'll get 10 friends to support me on a per hole basis, raising funds for the ministry.  Below see the simple way to get this done.  Contact Bob Durham to sign up, or just receive a player packet to check it out.  bdurham@fca.org

I'll support a player

I won't be able to play, but I'll support one of the marathoners - just go to http://fcatampabay.org/support 

More info

Friday 3/30/2018, Light breakfast 7:00am, 7:30am shotgun start, Players hit 3 balls per shot, per hole, enabling 100 holes to be completed in one day. Great prizes! b-b-que lunch at 12:30. Contact Bob Durham to receive a players packet.

(813) 784-4410 or bdurham@fca.org

Asking for support

It's simple! Using your cell phone and a simple text

Copy this text and send to one friend - Hello "Andy", on March 30th, Fellowship of Christian Athletes will host a golf marathon to raise funds for the ministry. FCA is one of the last true Christian organizations impacting public school students for Christ. I'm committed to playing 100 holes in one day. Would you please support me for 50 cents a hole or $1.00/hole as a way to reach High School students for Christ?" 

Then just copy and paste that text to at least 40 people in your address book, individually, not a group text, but addressing each one in a separate text, changing only the person's name. Then for those responding "yes", text them "thank you for supporting FCA. Please go to fcatampabay.org/support as a way to donate." 

FCA in Tampa Bay

In the tri-county area, FCA has chapters in over 80 High Schools and Middle Schools

The Varsity football team at Fivay High School meets after practice with FCA for watermelons and a short message.  

From co-ed clubs to sports-specific clubs, FCA's goal is to reach students with the Gospel of Christ

At John Long Middle School, an 8th grader leads a group of his peers in an afer school meeting 

FCA clubs are student-led and student-initiated.

At Gulf High School, the weightlifting team gathers in the weight room to hear a guest speaker talk about making right decisions in a challenging world.